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As the founder of Haley Stern Communications, Haley works primarily with coaches, consultants & c-suite executives to serve as a sounding board, a trusted advisor, and a thought leadership & communications development resource.  From communications strategy to opportunity curation, business development to podcast production, Haley believes in developing professional partnerships that elevate, educate & connect.


Haley serves as the head of communications for Blueprint CFO, a future-focused accounting & CFO services firm based in Southern California. Additionally, she has a partnership with Renaissance Executive Forums Orange County, as the producer for Critical Mass Business Talk Show, a podcast and online interview program that has featured top executives from Ugg, Wahoo's Fish Taco, Barefoot Wines, Yogurtland, etc.




When Haley is not nose-deep in the world of executive communications, she is a passionate mental health/trauma-informed advocate, specifically focusing her advocacy work on raising awareness about structural dissociation (DID/OSDD) from a loved one's perspective. She gave an hour-long presentation on Friendship With A Mosaic Mind at An Infinite Mind's 2020 Healing Together Conference in Florida, and runs a Facebook group called MOSAIC LOVE for loved ones of DID & OSDD systems and survivors of childhood trauma.


Haley is in the process of building out a branch of her business called Mosaic Media, which will focus on creating professional development opportunities & resources for cycle-breaking trauma survivors. Stay tuned!


In 2019, Haley earned a Bachelor of Science from the University of Vermont's College of Development & Applied Economics, where she studied Public Communication & Community Entrepreneurship. Before transferring to UVM, she began her undergraduate education at Chapman University's Dodge College of Film & Media Arts, studying Public Relations, Advertising & Journalism. She was also a features writer for Chapman's student-run newspaper, The Panther.


After graduating, Haley continued her education through New York University, where she completed the Summer Publishing Institute in 2020. In 2021, Haley returned to UVM to complete a professional certificate in Leadership & Management through the UVM School of Professional & Continuing Education. Valuing continuous growth & development, Haley is a proud Mind Magician through her ongoing personal growth work and investment in Tracy Litt's world-class coaching container.




In addition to her work with clients, Haley has been featured in many publications for creations with her own byline, including Thrive Global, YourTango, 60 Seconds Magazine, Unwritten Magazine, The Mighty, Medium & more. 

Haley is a connector, creator, communicator & consultant.

I feel like I have much more than a creative resource, I feel like I have a partner for my business... someone who is not just doing work for me, but rather, someone who is partnering with me to help me grow my business.

Donna Star, Executive Coach & Corporate Consultant

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